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Beat That Pussy Up

Well, we lost the first rugby match of the season 20-17, but that's ok. I played pretty good - a few tackles, and a few carries. When I stuck my head in the rucks and mauls, I did some good things. But overall, I was way too cautious... getting to the breakdowns a little too late and missing some opportunities. The coach said I need to stop thinking and get my aggro a lot higher, and he's right.

I've been a Good Boy lately, running 2.5 miles every day. The problem  is, that's a half hour for me, and a rugby half lasts 40 minutes. See the problem? I was dying the last ten minutes... huffing and puffing, and sweating like a motherfucker. I'm going to need to run a lot more. Plus, I've neglected my upper body training, and if I'm going to prop, I'll need to get back to lifting. Anyone want to help me practice my squats? {grin}

My right shoulder is bruised from all the scrums. I was a tight-head prop for the first time ever. I did pretty good for the first half, going up against a 260 pound Australian guy and holding my own. But then the second half, I went up against a scruffy little college cub, and he pwned me. After the game, he admitted he was trying to turn me and did a bunch of nasty tricks to get me off balance. He wasn't a jerk about it... but he still deserves to be punished for fucking with me. Long and hard, if you know what I mean.

I'm going to miss next week's game to play in the Colorado Climax hockey tournament against the Denver firefighters.

Here's a picture of my fucked-up shoulder.

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