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Beat That Pussy Up

Well, we lost the first rugby match of the season 20-17, but that's ok. I played pretty good - a few tackles, and a few carries. When I stuck my head in the rucks and mauls, I did some good things. But overall, I was way too cautious... getting to the breakdowns a little too late and missing some opportunities. The coach said I need to stop thinking and get my aggro a lot higher, and he's right.

I've been a Good Boy lately, running 2.5 miles every day. The problem  is, that's a half hour for me, and a rugby half lasts 40 minutes. See the problem? I was dying the last ten minutes... huffing and puffing, and sweating like a motherfucker. I'm going to need to run a lot more. Plus, I've neglected my upper body training, and if I'm going to prop, I'll need to get back to lifting. Anyone want to help me practice my squats? {grin}

My right shoulder is bruised from all the scrums. I was a tight-head prop for the first time ever. I did pretty good for the first half, going up against a 260 pound Australian guy and holding my own. But then the second half, I went up against a scruffy little college cub, and he pwned me. After the game, he admitted he was trying to turn me and did a bunch of nasty tricks to get me off balance. He wasn't a jerk about it... but he still deserves to be punished for fucking with me. Long and hard, if you know what I mean.

I'm going to miss next week's game to play in the Colorado Climax hockey tournament against the Denver firefighters.

Here's a picture of my fucked-up shoulder.

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Hey stud, is your tam gonna play the Phoenix Storm Rugby team?

Next time I'll play against the Storm is next spring for the Bingham Cup.

Check out:

Can you imagine 500 drunk gay rugby players hitting the pubs in Dublin? It's going to be an amazing time.

You coming to rodeo nationals in Denver in October? I've got a pony for you to ride...

Right on, I wish I was going to the rodeo in October, mmmmmmmmm pony ride

I played in my first rugby game last weekend, I played loose-head prop.
I've got the same issue as you, after 45 minutes I'm wasted. Tackling and scrums are a lot harder than they look, and I didn't dive in as fast as I should of. Too much thinking, not hitting hard enough, etc.

Both my shoulder hurt, as well as my neck. I've been hitting the workouts trying to build 80 minutes worth of endurance.

I also discovered the joy of the 3rd half. We played the Madison Minotaurs, a new gay team, and had a blast.

Maybe we'll meet in Dublin.

Hi guy! Man, I'm proud of you. I hope you had fun... but yeah, it's a REALLY challenging game physically. My neck was sore all week too, and there's always that danger to really mess it up permanently. This game *can't* be good for your body! Take care,

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with rugby. Could you explain what this means:

After the game, he admitted he was trying to turn me and did a bunch of nasty tricks to get me off balance.

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