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(no subject)
Here is my favorite quote from Andrew Sullivan’s essay this month on Mary Cheney in the National Review:
“…the only coherent conservative position… is nothing at all. Neither for amending the constitution to bar gay marriage nor against it. Neither for gay marriage nor against it. Neither supportive of Mary Cheney nor hostile. After two decades of debate, discussion, state initiatives, lawsuits, protests, custody battles, and on and on, the last coherent conservative position is nothing. On Mary Cheney, they are forced to take a stand. But any stand either attacks the base of the party or attacks someone they know and love. So they have no alternative but to stand very still, say nothing, and hope that someone changes the subject. It is as close to intellectual and moral bankruptcy as one can imagine.”
Wow, angry words. But I have a feeling that the neocons *will* change the subject soon, and Mary and her baby will be forgotten until she delivers later this summer – just in time for the presidential primary contest to heat up.

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How about disinvolving the government from marriage altogether? And did you mean archconservatives or neoconservatives?

I was talking about neoconservatives. Andrew Sullivan's article is about some of the writers at the National Review Online: Kathryn Jean Lopez and Jonah Goldberg and "The Corner". That website is just about the last refuge of the neocons that got us into the Iraq war. (http://corner.nationalreview.com/)

The Libertarian part of me likes the idea of the government getting out of the marriage business altogether. However, this isn't about gay people being allowed to have a religious ceremony... it's about the thousand-plus legal and financial rights that marriage conveys. If you can figure out a way to dissolve marriage but still allow gay and straight people to do those things - please share.

But giving up rights is a little tougher. It's like people who want to cut government spending programs. I'm all for it, but I say, "You go first!"

I do not always agree with him, but Andy is a pretty smart guy.

I love the weird paradoxical situations the neo-cons get themselves into. Later I get angry when they get away with ignoring the contradictions!

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