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These are a few of my favorite things

Man, I love S&M sex…

I’m not sure exactly what I like about it… I try think not to think too hard. I dislike my friends that try to play “Junior Freud” in order to psychoanalyze certain fetishes. “Ah,” they say, “you had a distant father and an overbearing mother and that’s why you like to be beaten.” Of course, if you had a distant *mother* and an overbearing *father*, they’d use that as evidence as well. All your sexual likes and dislikes can be neatly boiled down to a specific instance when you were in third grade. So, no explanation here – I just do what I do.

I like the power exchange part of S&M, but I’m not sure I like that phrase. It makes it sounds as if the guys are switching back and forth – exchanging power the way some guys exchange semen. Instead, I like to take off all my clothes, and do whatever the Bad Man tells me to do. It’s pretty simple, just follow orders, come up with some clever ideas when the time is right, and have fun. It’s a recipe for an enjoyable few hours (or an entire night, or a weekend, or…)

I like being a top sometimes, too. But often it’s in order to be a “service top”. Basically, I like making a guy’s fantasy happen. Does he want to be wrapped in saran for three hours? That could be fun. An intense mindfuck session that culminates in a faked castration scene? Not my thing, but I’d do it. I like the way guys fit together in the S&M scene like jigsaw puzzle pieces. A guy wants to be spanked, I’m in the mood to spank him, everything works out. There’s no awkward fumbling and talking needed. I’m kind of sick of vanilla sex – the rolling around and groping, never sure how far my partner wants to go, not sure if he’s having a good time or if he will jack off later unfulfilled.

That’s not to say that BDSM is boring for me. Instead, I love the edge. I love seeing how far a boy will go, where his limits are. C’mon, if you put “pig” in yer gay profile, I wanna see if you have the balls to back that up. Because I have a feeling it means something a little different to me that it does for you. Even though I’m a Nice Top, I’ve got a real sadistic streak inside me. If a sub tells me something mild that he doesn’t like (for example, being tickled, or wearing a hood), oh fuck, that’s the FIRST thing I wanna do to him. Of course, I’m a good guy, and I won’t do it. At least not in the first session. But yeah… I like fucking with guys. Teasing is a lot of fun, especially when the guy is tied up and helpless. Everyone need a punishment to serve as incentive.

And as a bottom? My goal is to make the top happy, with as few limits as possible. And I like it when the Service is painful and hard ‘cause that’s the way I can prove my love and obedience for the top. I mean, if it’s easy, what’s the point? It’s just a fun casual scene. But if I’m reduced to tears… red and sore for the next few days, you can believe I’ll remember that scene for a long time. And I’ll be coming back for more.

Pain, humiliation, service, toys, leather, bondage, smells, forced exercise, anal, oral, blood, sensory deprivation, orders, uniforms, exhibitionism, mud/gunge, role playing, photos, stories, gags, fistmitts, sweat, mummification, wrestling, cigars, raunch, cuddling. It’s all good.
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