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Prop Hooker Prop

Sometimes in a rugby game, the players do a "scrum". You might have seen it... it's the thing where they all grab onto each other and collide like two bighorn sheep fighting for domination. Anyway, to start the scrum at the same time, the referee calls out:

"Crouch... touch... pause... engage"

But whenever I hear that call, I always think:

"Crouch... touch paws... engage"

Which sounds like a lot more bearish fun.

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When I played rugby in secondary school back home, I was always put in the second row of the scrum. This meant you got to put your arm round the meaty thigh of someone in the front row. Yum!

Wasn't so great when the scrum collapses on you and you injure your back and the bloody PE teacher doesn't believe you (as happened to me. Bitter, moi?!)

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