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Mr. Biggles

I’m a bad bear. I’m a bad old bear.

In fact, if there was a contest for the Worst Bear in the World, I bet I would win it.

I should be severely punished. Or at the very least, given a good beating.

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ehhhhh... you'd enjoy it too much.


Punishment for mudcub would not involve a spanking - it would have to be something like tickling and whispering sickly-sweet nothings into his ear... ;-)

And ... performing fellatio. (Just trust me on this one ...)

...fellating or being fellated...?! ;-)

You'll have to tell me one of these days how you know this to be true..

Nah... I really don't like sucking dick. I could live the rest of my life without giving another blowjob - just not something I like to do!

Methinks the bear doth protest too much ...

Did you shave your body hair? Tell you didn't shave any body hair.

Did you take a bath? I assume "mud' cub would be a very dirty bear.

You inna heapa trouble, boy...

*puts on boots, gets out rider's crop and paddles*

fuck, dude. u have all these gentlemen above who want to spank you. i volunter to be your Whipping Boy (perhaps) so I have to take some of the spankings o-t-k.

And what are you being rewarded for?

Well, I don't know about bad, but cryptic is another matter!

No... I don't mean to be cryptic. I'm just not a very good Bear.

You're in trouble now, young man! You're not a bear, you're a -- a--(choke)--FURRY!
Bend over right now!

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