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(no subject)

Lost yesterday’s rugby game with a heartbreaker in the last two minutes: 32 to 31.

And after the game, the guys all took their shirts off and drank beer. If you don’t know what a “boat race” is, you should check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boat_race_(game)

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it was 100 degrees with no clouds, and I was really sweating after the game.

Um... that's what you meant wasn't it?


{leans in to sniff your pits}

mmmmmm hot in all meanings of the word

(Deleted comment)
Oh lordy......

Good to see and flirt with you this evening.

Your shirt in that first picture reminds me of the old red/blue 3D Movie Glasses.

Re: Quite ... vivid.

Our team is the "Denver Harlequins":


Which is a pretty gay name... but not as gay as the *other* Denver team... "Queen City":


I'm serious... they are both straight rugby teams.

Re: Quite ... vivid.

> I'm serious... they are both straight rugby teams.

As far as we all know, anyway. :)

Are you *sure* this is a straight team?

I can see us playing around and me taking advantage of you while you're drunk, but we really gotta dress you up a little better.

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