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Rocky Mountain High

This weekend, my partner Michael and I went to the Aspen Ruggerfest. Imagine over 300 huge rugby players invading the gayest town in Colorado. I had a surreal moment where I was eating fussy pseudo-Japanese food at Nobu while watching hot straight men strip down to their Underarmour outside the bistro window.

The lines between straight and gay seem to be diminishing day by day. Here are some of the boys:


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I seriously need to take up rugby now.

Damn, there's some hot men, as for the lines diminishing between the straights and the gays, they're all gay till proven straight, LOL

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Who you supporting in the World Cup??? You better say South Africa, lol:)

So, you and Michael are still calling each other "partner" for the moment? That's good news. The last I'd heard from you on that subject sounded awfully dire.

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