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Minneapolis was a great time. Thanks to all the LJers I met: the bears at the Eagle and the gay ruggers of the Minneapolis Mayhem. I had forgotten what a great city Mpls is. Wonderful people, great food, and lots of culture. It’s just too bad that the weather sucks so bad: sticky and hot in the summer, freezing in the winter. Maybe I’ll move back after global warming turns the place into Palm Desert.


Me in front of Takashi Murakami wallpaper at the new Walker art center addition

My only complaint is that the denizens don’t know how good they have it. My time at the Eagle was spent listening to the bears and leathermen bitch about the Eagle and what a bad bar it was. I was standing in perfect fall weather, eating wonderful roasted pork and drinking Octoberfest beer, surrounded by almost 200 hot men, and the conversation was about how there was no good bars in town. I know things are changing, and the basement of the Eagle might go all-leather with a dress code. But face it – you guys are having a lot more fun than any city within a 600 mile radius. So buck up!
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