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Planning Head
I just booked a room for IML 2008.

They are moving it from the Palmer House Hilton to the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

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What kept you? SIR and i have had one for a week :P


I think that the Hyatt is still the better place for it.

Really? I hate it when it's at the Hyatt. Too much need to share the hotel, and it's so... cold.

Yep, i booked mine several weeks ago. i am crossing my paws i won't have to cancel plans. IML is *THE* puppy mecca. Not to mention, just plain good fun ... and mischief.

~ pug

I would love to go myself, but I doubt I'll get the chance to. :(

That'll be funny though as the Hyatt was an interesting place. (Stayed there once.)

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