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(no subject)
This was a meme... "explain six things from your profile". bullneck was kind enough to be interested!

Blindfolds: Almost a necessity, particularly in public scenes. Nothin's worse than trying to play in public and there's some creepy guy *looking* at you. Put me in a blindfold, and I'm in another world. A dark one.

Breath control: A fantasy, but way too scary to do in practice. It's kinky to think another guy was in control of me, even to deprive me of air, but it's a quick way to death, so I just think about it. Sometimes.

Cows: "I like cows, and they like me" by the late great Minneapolis band The Suburbs. I did the rodeo this summer and had a great time with the steers. Rasslin' em, getting them into the chutes. I feel like a bull most of the time.

Force feeding: Ok, a little strange of a fetish. But it goes with the control thing. Another kinky thing I'm never really done in person. Ok, a few times, maybe.

Mummification: Wow! Combine this with a blindold and earplugs. Total sensory deprivation. And then the fun starts... either leave me there for a long (long) time, or give me something to think about.

Sleepsacks: I had one that was too scary for me - complete rubber with only two nose holes. Your arms go in these sleeves, so you can't even touch yourself. I never actually slept in it... it was terrifying.

Uniforms: All kinds - military, blue collar, atheletic. I like working men, and a uniform is a great equalizer. When everyone looks the same, it makes you concentrate on the man, not the clothes.

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Breath Control is fun. The key is finding someone you'll trust, plus making sure you have your signals.

There was one time I was KOed by accident and came through 30 seconds later. It's not something to do on a regular basis, that, but I definitely have some fantasies around being fucked and KOed and continued to be fucked. *GRIN*

Then there's Master sticking his cock down my throat so I can't breath when I cum... *GRIN*

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