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Oklahoma City
I'll be in Oklahoma City this weekend. I'm staying at the Habana Inn, so look for me at the bars there from 9-12 Friday and Saturday nights (October 5 & 6). I'll be wearin a denim hat that says "BEAR".


I tried the same thing for a trip to Minneapolis last month - a LiveJournal post, an easy way to identify me in a dark bar, and no strings attached. I got nothin! So, I'm fishing here again in another attempt... we'll see if the waters of Oklahoma have more big fish. {grin}

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Let us know when you are in Atlanta ; )

Let me know when you are in Houston

Come on back to San Fran. I'll show ya a good time (especially around July 4th, *VEG*)

sexy as hell picture...

and I learned long ago it often pays to do some up front advertising before I go somewhere. Doesn't always work but sure is nice when it does :)

LOL! My first outing into the world of "the gay" was gay rodeo weekend at The Habana.... MANY MANY moons ago. Ahhh... the memories!

I could do all sorts of bad things to you, cowboy.
Woof. Come closer and I will show you.

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