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Do You Know The Way...
Hi guys,

I'll be in San Jose most of next week. If you are in the area look me up at the Renegades bar. I'll probably be there Tues, Wed, and/or Thurs night from 9-11 or so. Email kellogg@dim.com if you want to say "hi"!

I'm going to try and make the Sunday beer bust at the Lone Star on October 20, too. 4 pm to 8 pm or so. However, this may not happen if I'm beat up after a long week. I'm going to a weird S&M thing the day before, so I might be kinda sore. You Californians are kinky.

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Sure! Come by the Lone Star on Saturday 10/20. BOSF has a beer bust from 3 to 7. That would be the kinkiest thing you could do! :-)

This picture is so sad. It looks like someone has just shot your puppy.
Look happy, look mean but don't look so down.

Have a good time in San Jose.

(Deleted comment)
You could be right. This was after an evening of cowboy chasing. But somehow they didn't manage to leave him with a smile just a sticky hand.

I live right near downtown SJ, and if you want to come by for dinner on any one of those three days you'd be more than welcome. I could then join you at the bar afterwards.

Mudcub: I certainly wouldn't pass up on Tony's offer. If you can find a way to wing it, _do_. Not only is he exceedingly handsome and intelligent - he's a fucking awesome cook. I have dreams about dungeness crab, thanks to him.

As for Renegades, well - it's kind of your "all-purpose" bar. I was there last weekend for about a half an hour - if you like DJ remixes and cologne, you'll be right at home. Harmless, but I woudn't hang my hat there for very long.

In SF my bars of choice are The Hole in the Wall, followed by the Eagle Tavern. You should take a walk through all of 'em before you commit to paying for the "bust". Get to them early - busts start at 3pm - it gets REALLY packed on a nice day. It's standing room only by 4pm.

The Eagle usually serves free food during the bust, if you pay the $10.00. The Lone Star sometimes has food, but it is extra. Of course, you're not there for food but sometimes it's good to have a bite, especially if you've been on your feet all day long - or just had a wicked heavy S&M session.

(Deleted comment)
Bruce Springsteen's CD "Magic" is my favorite of the year so far. Next to Amy Winehouse or Cloud Cult, maybe.

I get off work at 11. Too bad you are not their just a bit later one night or I'd be glad to meet up with you. Renegades is like a dog run. The new location is bad.

Hey guy... sorry, with all the crap going on at home I guess I totally missed your posts that you were gonna be here this week. At the very least I coulda hooked ya up with some local friends who'd love to have thrown ya in their sling and fucked you silly who coulda shown ya round town a bit.

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