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Do You Know The Way...
Hi guys,

I'll be in San Jose most of next week. If you are in the area look me up at the Renegades bar. I'll probably be there Tues, Wed, and/or Thurs night from 9-11 or so. Email kellogg@dim.com if you want to say "hi"!

I'm going to try and make the Sunday beer bust at the Lone Star on October 20, too. 4 pm to 8 pm or so. However, this may not happen if I'm beat up after a long week. I'm going to a weird S&M thing the day before, so I might be kinda sore. You Californians are kinky.

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(Deleted comment)
You could be right. This was after an evening of cowboy chasing. But somehow they didn't manage to leave him with a smile just a sticky hand.

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