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What a butch Saturday.

  • Rodeo in the morning (just watching, not competing, though I really really wanted to jump in the arena after watching the doggin)
  • Rugby in the afternoon (a match against Boulder in the pouring rain... we won, and I played good for the first half)
  • Ice hockey at night (start of a new season with a bunch of new players. 2-1 loss, but I see a lot of promise, myself included)

If I could go back in time twenty years, my weekend activities would have freaked out the 18 year old effete suburban scholar that I was. As an adult, I find myself attracted to the things I didn't do as a teenager: rough sports, drinking, smoking cigars, and sex with men. I guess tastes change.

A reminder, if you want to meet me, I'll be at the Renegades bar in San Jose Tues-Thurs nights, Oct 16-18. And if you're in San Francisco, I'm going to try and make the Lone Star beer bust on Sunday, October 21. I'll be wearing a shirt that says "Mudcub", so you can't miss me. Unless, of course, you do.

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I should be at the Lone Star this Sunday so I'll be keeping an eye out for you.

Woofers! You da man!
I'm just starting to kick myself in the butt and get out there to do the things I always wished I was "macho" enough to do. I've got some guys lined up to teach me a thing or two about submission wrestling. Think I'd look cute in a baseball uniform too. LOL

Is that a red heart drawn on yer duds?

No, it's just paint. I left my heart in San Francisco...

Hot photo! I'd love to meet you at the Loin Stare on Saturday!

(Deleted comment)
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I'll be out of town this weekend... and will be on a plane coming back to San Francisco about the time you're at the Lone Star.

Damn, it would have been good to have met you again.

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