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Hello from sunny Califuckyou
Black eye

Why can't I get laid?

When we finally met, you were kinda creepy.
I'll do it just to shut you up, you whiner!
I'm only teasing you by flirting... there's no way in hell we will ever have sex.
I want to! But you never call or email.
Judging from your LiveJournal blog, you're a psycho.
Shame on you. You have a boyfriend, and that's cheating.
You reek of bitterness and desperation, and that's just not sexy.
You're just not my type.
I fucked you already, and you weren't good enough to do twice.

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(Deleted comment)
I considered that one to be "you never call or email"... cause he's too far away

There's always webcams...

Heh. You forgot "you're way hot and totally interesting but I already have too many men to keep up with!" ;-)

I'm sure I could squeeze you in somewhere

Where's "I'm in a monogamous relationship"? ;)

Where's "What brunorepublic and that_grr said"?

I want to, but you're too far away, therefore I've never had the chance.

(Deleted comment)
Like anti-gay asshole Arnold Schwartzenegger said, "I'll be back..."

(Deleted comment)
Like *that* would be a problem ...

Well, in my case, I'm still waiting for gorgeous, amoral, hustling studs to start throwing themselves at me just to get my money. Maybe $10,000 just isn't enough to attract them these days. Sigh.

Do You Know the Way Out of San Jose.

You can't get laid because you are in San Jose. Nobody gets laid here. That is why I am in SF all the time.

Come talk to me when my chemo is over. Randy and I live in Sunnyvale, just 10 minutes away from downtown San Jose.

I like guys who are worn out and don't move too fast. Then they can't run away, and I can catch them easier.

feeling like I missed something somewhere... you're here in San Jose right now?

oh lordy, and trying to get laid here during the week? yikes... you didn't go to Renegades did you?

(Deleted comment)
We should start a club

San Jose isn't *too* bad... there is a bear group of sorts, and a few men's group/leather/play party groups here but it's all very surburban. Thankfully SF is only an hour away when I want to plug in to something more.

You should have stayed in the Cities a night or two longer, your fanbase up here would have been happy to oblige... ;-)

I don't like your poll. I want to select "I'll do it just to shut you up" and "I want to but you never call or email" and "judging from your LJ, you're a psycho" (I like pyscho's, normal people are boring)

shame on you, you have a boyfriend, since when do you have a boyfriend? i thought you HAD a boyfriend, and he left gone goodbye.

oh, and, BTW, that usericon is my favorite.

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