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Who's your debit?

If you had sex with Mudcub last weekend, how was it?

It started to get interesting when you jumped into the shower with your clothes on
Intense. Get it? "In tents"?
I don't know... you were pretty drunk and bitter
Why was the bed wet before we laid down on it?
You must be mistaken. We didn't have sex.
800 straight men, one gallon of nacho cheese, one gallon of chocolate pudding, one gallon of thousand island dressing, marshmallow fluff, molasses, flour, mud, dirt, and, piss. Kinda strange, but it was fun.
It was great! I love it when guys cry during sex.

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I can't say yes to any of those, but you post the best polls.

It's funny 'cause it's true, and it's true 'cause it's funny.

Damn! Wish I'd been there!!!

You jumped in the shower with your clothes on and didn't take any pix? Just for that, the next time I see you, I will introduce you to my fist.

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