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I met a bear!
I went to the Lone Star last Sunday for their beer bust, and I met someone on LiveJournal.

Howdy to Rampagebear! Steve, you seem to be very funny and smart. And also very good looking. I’ll make a point of looking you up the next time I’m in “The City” ™

…San Francisco is called "The City"™ because of course in the entire world there is only one city, and SF has given itself that honorific {grin} 

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Manhattan is "The City" - all other cities are pretenders to the thrown. ;-)

NYC is "The City", but I'm pretty sure San Francisco is "The Cit-ayyyy" -- haven't you ever listened to Journey? ;)

New York is "The City," but Rome is "The Eternal City."

I'm not sure what San Francisco is.


I love being out and running into LJers I've never met face to face. It can be a lot of fun and surprising.

Well, I only met one guy all night. wet_in_sf doesn't count 'cause I knew him before. But I got nervous and I got drunk, and I wasn't in much shape to be presentable that afternoon. Oh well, I'll try agin sometime.

San Francisco is generally called 'the city' around here to distinguish itself from all the other little mini-communities in the Bay Area. Manhattan gets the same distinction, for exactly the same reason. And for the record, Steve is one of the nicest guys (and handsomest) in The City By the Bay (the FULL title, btw).

San Francisco can be called "The City". Or "The City by the Bay". Or "San Fran". But never "Frisco". Never. Ever.

and since the advent of Salesforce, even SF has gotten a bad rap.....

I met him in March when I was at the Lone Star :)

Sorry to break it to you, but New York City is most often referred to as "The City" by those in its surrounding areas. I've been to other cities of ample size but no one seems to use that same moniker in their reference.

New York City crack whores can beat up San Francisco crack whores.

I also hate New York City.

It was really great to meet you as well. Yes, next time you're in town give me a ring and we'll have to hang out some more.

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