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Rugby Jersies
We won today's rugby game 20-11, against a team that has beaten us for the last three years! I did pretty good, up until the last twenty minutes as usual.

The problem I have is.... every time I see a guy wearing a rugby jersey, I have the strong urge to tackle him at the knees. Just lay him flat out on the ground in a full body slam. This happens with twinks at work, bears at the gay bar, or guys on the bus. I just want to hurt them a lot.

Hey, it's your fault. YOU wore the rugby jersey. It's not just supposed to be a fashion statement. If you aren't really a rugby player, it's like a red flag for a bull. Bettern git ready, boy.

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for cheese and crackers sake.... ( mental note.... go buy a rugby jersey )

Uhm, rugby gear, tackling a guy at the knees, and then laying them flat out on the ground with a full body slam, I dunno, sounds like sex to me :)

Fuck. Yeah.

I get the same urge when I see a rugby jersey. I can almost taste the piss beer and mud.

funny story about jersies...I was in the process of starting up the Vancouver gay rugby club back in 02 and at our first practice, this twink (true back if you've ever seen one - right down to the perfectly coiffed hair) shows up wearing an A&F fake jersy with the number 32 on it. At one point he spoke up and said "I wanna be number 32"....doofus...it didn't take long for that shirt to get ripped up...one diving, sliding catch and it was hanging off him in tatters.

Time to pull the ole rugby jersey out of the trunk and wear it in front of you. You can slam me any time.

And if you're jsut supporting your club? Did you get the broadcast of the Currie Cup Final your side? Awesome game!

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