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Breaking news... another one of my family's chemical plants has just exploded.

I do not know any details, but I hope my friends and family are ok. Due to the fire last July, we recently did a full security check of all our buildings, and verified that all safety procedures were being followed. So, I am at a loss to explain what happened.

Oh god. I think this might be the end of the company. I'm not worried about the money as much as the employees. Think good thoughts for us... love you all.

Update: I-80 is closed down due to smoke, messing up traffic all over NE Des Moines. No casualties, just one minor injury. I am so relieved.

Barton Solvents
Fire on KCCI
Des Moines Register
Map of plant location on Mapquest

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ohmygosh... hang in there... thinking good thoughts for y'all.

Bummer. Do you think this will cause solvents to become much more expensive? If this happens so easily despite precautions, I can't imagine what sort of protocols will have to be followed in the future.

YIKES!!!!!!! I hope things work out ok *HUGS*

The employee said plant workers were unloading chemicals from train cars at the plant, when a "spark ignited a big ball of fire."

The employee said he believe the drums of chemicals were not properly grounded as they were being unloaded.

Damn, I didn't realize those things had to be grounded. But then I remember a recent story:

There's a new 50KW radio station in Washington State that's near a gasoline pumping station.

Workers say that now they've seen some sparks when they ground some of the larger pipes.


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