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God Save The Queen


Me hanging out at the (blow) job site.

Hi guys. I’ll be in England from November 8 until November 17 for work. If you’re in the Leeds area, please let me know, and we can meet for a pint for a pint of American beer.

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If you can find it, try a pint of Reverend James Porter.
It was the best beer I had in the UK a couple years ago.
I'd kill to have another pint.

You're in England and you want to have American beer?


Also: you spend a lot of time looking unhappy in your photos.

I was thinking the same thing. If you were in Scotland you'd be liable to get lynched for that, depending on what pub you were in anyway.

The beer thing was a joke! I'm actually looking forward to a good hard cider. And about beer... I'll buy you one. Want to see me before I go? Tuesday night or Wednesday night. 5 pm or 7 pm. Mead Street Station or Netherworld.

And that's my sexy look. I call it "Blue Steel".

Heh-heh. I'd hoped you were kidding. I admit I'm more fond of Scottish ales and Irish stouts than English beers, but Fuller's and Samuel Smith make excellent products.

Yeah, we should hang before you split. I can go out tonight or tomorrow night, briefly, so long as only a minimum of money is spent.

"Blue Steel" - I sense there is another joke I'm not getting...

why do men look so sexy in dirty fuckin clothes

wait. YOU'RE Patrick Kellogg?


I apologize for anything I said to you. I was drunk at the time.


No, it's just that you're on a list that I'm on... and something else came up recently with your name on it...

What list was I on that we have in common? Now you've got me interested

hm, that is, I *think* we are... I recently posted a "happy halloween" message with a link to my podcast. ?

on queernet.org.

Nope! I don't think that was me. Maybe we met somewhere else...

You don't have a dim.com address?

That's me! But maybe my spam filter caught yer email... sorry - I don't have a record of an email from you. I would have replied. I always make a point of replying.

OK, here's the list: gl-subs. (And I just got notice that you bought a deck of my cards! Thank you!! I'll put it in the mail tomorrow.)

I didn't send it directly to you, but through the list...

Thanks fer postin.

Those hands are WAY too clean. Why did you wash them?

I washed 'em cause I didn't know where they'd bin...

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