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And Your Little Red Kettle Too
Hi, just a reminder that the Salvation Army is a bunch of anti-gay bigots, and you should shove their fucking ringing bells up their assholes.

Here's why:

Feel free to print out the fake dollar bill below and stuff that in their donation box instead. Fuck the Salvation Army. And have a happy holiday season.

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Here in Shelbyville, we have two choices to donate stuff that we don't need. The Salvation Army and Goodwill. I *always* donate to Goodwill for this particular reason.

As long as there is a choice for people less fortunate than I to get second hand clothes, I always shy away from Salvation Army.

And, the SA is exempt from being listed on www.charitynavigator.org because

We don't evaluate The Salvation Army.
Why not? Many religious organizations are exempt under Internal Revenue Code from filing the Form 990. As a result, we lack sufficient data to evaluate their financial health.

The end result? We have no idea where all that money goes.

Just keep in mind...that as a corporation, they are bigoted, but local chapters aren't all anti-gay. They often provide things such as low-cost child care for gays and lesbians that would otherwise not have that access.
I encourage everyone to do their research about local chapters' policies rather than damning everyone. They do provide good services to people in need.

If you want something to be upset with them about, I'm not sure why more people aren't up in arms about their lack of services to MEN in general.

I know. The men's section in their stores gets smaller every year :(

That's because we wear our clothes until they fall apart or we die.


I like the dollars idea.
Fuck the Salvation Army.

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