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New Hat
I'll be in Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania from December 2 until December 15. If you want to meet at a bar or someplace, please let me know. I'll be on a long boring business trip, and I'll be in the mood to meet some gay people.

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Where in PA?
If you're in the Philly area I'd love to meet up with you.

I will be smack-dab in the middle of the state in State College. I was going to drive straight to/from D.C. to State College... but I'll let you know! kellogg@dim.com

Man, you are one of the few guys I "know" who can wear a hat like that and look fukkin' HOT! WOW!

Let me know when you're passing through Harrisburg! And 12.15 is the bear nigh there in Harrisburg.

There is a stunning, rugged beauty in you. Damn.

Nice hat. Be sure to wear it the next time you're in SF. Unless it's summer of course.

You're obviously NOT a top or you'd be making him wear it ESPECIALLY if it was summer. ;o{) &

I'm just a polite top, that's all.

LOL - haven't actually run into one that isn't ... guess I've been lucky so far.

If you plan to be in DC on the 2nd or 3rd, you might consider a day pass to BRXX. http://brevent.org/br07/index.php Er, if you're a kinky pervert, that is.

Prices per their website:

Day Pass rates for Friday will be $75, Saturday will be $125, and Sunday will be $100 (BR Member or not, same price). We will also offer Vending Only Passes for $10. Vending only passes can only be purchased at the event on the day you wish to shop.
No Day Passes will be sold on-site. Again, absolutely no walk up/on site event registrations will be done. So think about
coming out for part of the weekend and staying overnight, capitalizing on the activity with a full day of classes, socializing, and all-night play. REGISTRATION CLOSES NOVEMBER 27TH

Shoot - I tried to figure out how to be in D.C. this weekend, but I couldn't manage it. I'm going to miss this event as well as MAL next month. But thanks so much for the heads-up!

Yeah, I'd piss on your new hat.

(that means I like it)

I LOVE those sorts of hats! And you look adorable in it too!

In New Zealand, Possums are a pest to the native wildlife, so they trap and kill them - and make all sorts of gorgeous clothes out of their fur - including hats like that!

I think I'm gonna get one on my next trip there, as the fur is soooo lovely and soft!


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