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Movies of 2007

It's hard for me to rate the best and worst movies of the year, since I usually watch them on DVD, and it takes several months for them to finally come out. For example, I finished my 2006 list just last month. But here goes:

Mudcub's Favorite Movies Of 2007 (So Far)
1. Guys & Balls
2. The Propostiion
3. Wild Hogs
4. Hot Fuzz
5. Severance
6. Sicko
7. Ratatouille
8. Next
9 and 10. Music And Lyrics and Catch And Release
Meet The Robinsons
The Number 23
Seraphim Falls
Day Watch
28 Weeks Later
The Good German
The Lady In Question Is Charles Busch
La Vie In Rose
Mr. Bean's Holiday

Mudcub's Least Favorite Movies Of 2007 (So Far)
1. The Secret
2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry
3. Tideland
4. Inland Empire
5. A Scanner Darkly
The Wicker Man (remake with Nicholas Cage)
Epic Movie
The Fountain
Delta Farce
Dead Silence
Blades Of Glory

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