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Gone Baby Gone

I got in my first real gloves-off throw-down hockey fight. It was my fault... I've been playing rugby lately, so I have a tendency to drop my shoulder and hit guys harder than I should for an amateur adult no-checking hockey league. When I didn't get called for a penalty, the guy decided to shark me around the ice in order to get a cheap hit and some revenge. He punched me in the head, and I got a scratch under my eye and on my nose as the cage came up but the helmet didn't come off. I grabbed him and there was some pushing and shoving, but that was pretty much it for the fight.

Anyway, I'll be gone to Paris, France for the Christmas holiday, and then up to Belgium for new year's. The next time I'll be around is in 2008. See you next year!

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Take care and have a safe trip, blue eyes!

Safe trip.

BTW, I just threaten guys that I'll sit on them and tickle them until they pee their gear. (I play roller, not ice. There's no ice where I live.)

That sounds kinky, even for me!

Bon voyage you sexy black-eyed tuff guy you!

Be well, sexy baby. I'm glad this year is ending on a good note for you.

sweaty pit lix

Save travels. Happy New Year. :-)

(Deleted comment)
Brussels! You know... the home of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Have a great trip!

I am sure that echoing thoughts of those baby blues will melt any lingering snow around these here parts...

I am also going to Paris for Christmas! I am staying there through the new year though.

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