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(no subject)

I get very annoyed at people I know who make Big Official Pronouncements that they are/aren’t going to do something. I had friends in college who would pompously tell everyone, “I won’t be coming to the bar anymore.


“For a long time,” they’d add. “So if you’re at the bar, don’t look for me.


“Because I won’t be there.”


Of course, these are the same guys that you’d see drinking three weeks later. And I learned it wasn’t worth trying to remind them of their Big Statement, because they’d either forgotten their vow, or they would deny make such a claim in the first place.


Fast forward to the new millennium. I don’t understand the LiveJournal bears who periodically post that they’re simplifying their life, cleaning out their closet, and so they are paring down the number of friends that they have. They scour their LiveJournal list, deciding like little emperors who is important enough to make the final cut.


“Post here if you think you still deserve to be my friend,” reads the inevitable post. “Because I only want certain people to read to read what I had for breakfast, or how much I love the recent Dreamgirls movie.”


Lemme tell ya something. If you really want to send out a private message to your six friends, here’s a new invention: it’s called *email*. There’s a special box there called “cc”, and you can add and subtract people to your heart’s delight, choosing who is allowed to read your private innermost thoughts.

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My favorites are the "Goodbye, Cruel LJ" entries about folks who claim they've finally had it and will never blog again!

Such a cry for attention is only interesting when it comes to guessing how long it will be before they start blogging again.

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