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A Year In Review

It's a meme: write down the first line each post every month in the previous year...

Here are my new year's resolutions for 2007: Sell 300 Japanese anime DVDs on ebay. I went back through some old emails, and figured out I only had sex twice in 2006: once in January, and a second time in August. Turnabout is fair play, and mark_monroe asked me: Why you so nasty? I just did my taxes today. I Hate Your Blog. Last weekend I blew glass for the first time. After 13 years, my boyfriend and I are talking about splitting up. In 1991 I met Konishiki. I had to show off my latest rugby injury. I just booked a room for IML 2008. One of the great things about being a uniform fetishist is that you *always* have a Halloween costume ready at a moment's notice. While I was working in England, I told myself I would only listen to British bands.

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