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A Year In Review
It's a meme: write down the first line each post every month in the previous year...

Here are my new year's resolutions for 2007: Sell 300 Japanese anime DVDs on ebay. I went back through some old emails, and figured out I only had sex twice in 2006: once in January, and a second time in August. Turnabout is fair play, and mark_monroe asked me: Why you so nasty? I just did my taxes today. I Hate Your Blog. Last weekend I blew glass for the first time. After 13 years, my boyfriend and I are talking about splitting up. In 1991 I met Konishiki. I had to show off my latest rugby injury. I just booked a room for IML 2008. One of the great things about being a uniform fetishist is that you *always* have a Halloween costume ready at a moment's notice. While I was working in England, I told myself I would only listen to British bands.

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I must say the icon of you with the cigar is quite fetching. It gives me nasty ideas about how to add to that sex total :-)

I know you've been traveling recently and had some serious stress this past year, I and I don't mean to be anal about this, but ... aren't we making resolutions for 2008, and looking back over 2007?

It's a meme thing... you write down the first line of every post for each month of the previous year. I should have explained that (fixed now).

Hey, I thought I was abrupt when I spoke to you at the bar last month. I'm a bit too flighty at bars with all the people there. Wanna meet sometime for dinner or drinks?

Yeah I see, makes more sense now.

I'm sure we could get together sometime, will probably be towards end of January or early Feb, my finances for the month are already pulled to the limit.

Then... my treat! {grin}

Well if you really must pull my....er....leg, then, sure. My schedule usually allows Wed-Fri evenings free, and Saturday afternoons, except the 10th-12th, I'll be in Oregon.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I like the gentle stuff from time to time also! You know... it gives me time to heal

OMG, I like totally get it -- "reflective", "black mirror"....

Are you home yet? When do I get my birthday/Christmas presents to see your smiling face? WTF?

Un, deux, trois, du miroir noir

*And* it's a great CD! I'm really liking Arcade Fire lately. Have you ever heard Damian Rice? He's the best thing next to the singer on the "Once" soundtrack for singer-songwriter angst.

I'll be at the Wrangler Thursday night January 3 at 6:00 pm if you are available!

Re: Un, deux, trois, du miroir noir

Fabuleux! Je vous rencontrerai là, baybe!

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