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Paris and Brussels, December 2007

Paris didn't connect with me on this trip. Too much dog shit, frantic shoppers, bears who ignored me at the bar, and rude annoying Paris street kids.

But Brussels? I have a new favorite European city. Wow... on the first night there, I was entranced by a huge Christmas market that ran down the hill from our hotel like it was a ski run. The city was great, and the people really friendly. What can you say about a place known for beer, french fries, comic strips, and chocolate? It's french without being pretentious.

Here are some things I saw. But I hope to go back there soon and see more. Bruge, Ghent, Antwerp, and go up to Amsterdam. Maybe I'll stop learning French... I could never speak it well anyway. I'll switch to German and make my way east across Europe.

Here is my first ever attempt at a flikr set for the trip... because all the cool kids are doing it.

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Wuufs to Brussels. If you need a traveling buddy for Belgium and the Netherlands in the future just let me know.

Yeah, I needed someone to show me around the sleazy back rooms and saunas. Are you volunteering? {grin} Take care... I'd love to come visit sometime! I was thinking about making plans for Wet & Wild already...

Glad you had a great time in Brussels. Sorry Paris sucked big time. Sound like they deserved their reputation as the most hated European city. But I never been there so I shouldn't judge. Need to experience it myself. Anyway glad your holiday vacation in Europe went well. Happy New Year, Take care & Big Bear Hugs.

No... Paris was cool. I mean, the shop windows always look great, so at Christmas, they were nothing special. The city looked radiant, as always.

I didn't to any museums in Paris (except one), and stayed in cheaper hotels on the north side since the dollar sucks right now against the Euro. So, it was a rougher part of town, and that probably colored my experience. But I got to visit the excellent flea market, and saw a bunch of new places in the city that I had never seen (Defense, the area around Luxenbourg, Bastille). I'll definitely be back... wanna go with me?

Wish I can afford to go to Paris? Hell I would love to go to Amsterdam and meet some friends that I e-mailed for the past 5 years. And right now I'm saving up for St. Louis to attend Hibearnation 2008 in November. And about how the dollar sucks right now against the Euro, how about a barrel of oil is now a $100? Thank you Mr. Bush & Mr. Cheney.

Boy, those French. They have a different word for everything Steve Martin

A different "mot" too!

YAY your home , btw thats a great picture of you.. no wwe SO need to meet!!

Brussels = Moules Frites = Yum.

I can't say the city blew me away while I was there, but it was very "approachable" and a good size. But any European city at Christmastime is always a treat; the holiday just feels more authentic somehow.

Gosh, I had a bf from Brussels... Crazy people, indeed. Not to mention their linguistic conflict. But seriously, one of the most pleasant places in Europe.

I think Londoners are worse than Parisians - but I'm biased (I live 100 miles from the French border and we *just* hate them)

man it sounds like a great time in Brussels. More Europe for me SOON

Hopefully you tried some Kriek Framboise! One of the best Belgian beers I have EVER tasted!

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