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I had an interesting time at MAL. I ate a lot of food, did the tourist thing, and saw a lot of hot men. But I didn’t buy anything at the leather mart, and didn’t have sex with anybody. I spoke to six men and one woman, for a total of about eight minutes of conversation. And I think I initiated all of those conversations except two.

But I got two wear my dirty garage shirt and oil-soaked jeans. And I got to wear my rugby kit to the first cocktail party, and rubber shorts and harness to the Blowoff concert, and that was fun. I love Bob Mould.

So all in all, I’d go back to MAL – just not anytime soon. Washington D.C. was a great city, and I saw a lot of fantastic museums (the Portrait Gallery was outstanding, with exhibits on Joseph Cornell and Josephine Baker… two of my favorite artists). But I’m not sure how I fit into the leather community, or if the stuff I like to do even “works” in that setting. Oh well, at least it got me out of the cold Denver weather for a weekend.

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I'm glad you went. Hopefully, next time, I'll get to see you there.

Hmmm. And what would the "stuff I like to do" consist of? My experience is that there's always room for it. Never been to MAL, but heard it can be harder to break into than some other primo leather expos. Any pics of the dirty garage shirt?


Bob Mould? I'd have gone just for him!!

hehehe well next time let me help ya out... :)

I have several local aquiantances who go every year, and write in LJ about their experiences. I've just now read several stories, and several more will be written, they've promised.

I've always wanted to go, but didn't want to make the trip by myself as you just did. I am by nature an introvert, so it takes me longer to "find my way" through a crowd/feel comfortable around a cazillion people I've never met before. As doubleringdick mentioned, I've also heard it's really hard to "break into."

I hate to say this, but I'd much rather stay home and read or write then be lost in a crowd of faces I don't know.

But then I am envious of all the wonderful stories I hear.

Can't have it both ways, I know.

Nah, I didn't go alone. I went with my partner - we've been together 13 years now. Let's just say *He* had a good time at MAL. If you know what I mean.

Rugby Kits are HOT!!!!!!

sorry i think i missed you there and if i didn't sorry I don't recall.

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