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Weight For It...

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Thanks to all the guys who said I looked "hawt” in my rubber. But this is what I look like when I don’t know a friend is taking a photo and I don’t have my gut sucked in. 


Thanks to pink_halenfor the pic… you went above and beyond to go through your corrupted computer files to track it down. I really appreciate that. Even though I originally told you to delete and burn that jpg and you didn’t {grin}

I hate everything about the photo: the bad posture, the look on my face, the hole in the rubber shirt over my navel. I look huge, and not the way I want to be. 

In January, I recorded my weight daily, and put it into Excel. My goal was to jog every day, and I only hit that goal in spurts. Then, life got busy or I took a vacation, and everything went to hell. 

I’ve never lost weight by exercising. For example, when I lift weights, I just get bigger and bigger. The only way I’ve ever gone down in weight is by running every day. I run for 30 minutes, which is spent with a 5 minute warm up, a 9 minute jog, 1 minute walk, 5 minute jog, 1 minute walk, 4 minute jog, and 5 minute walk. I watch DVDs on a portable player that sits on a shelf above my treadmill in the basement. 

You can see that my plan works, pretty much. When I run consistently, my weight goes down. I’m also eating sensibly – no fast food and no snacks or dessert. However, I haven’t been able to incorporate weight lifting into the mix, and I’m hoping to do some Celtic Games caber tossing this year for fun. Also, rugby season hasn’t started yet, though some of the guys are practicing indoors on Saturdays. 

Wish me luck. I’m glad you like the looks o’ me, but I’m not real happy with myself yet. I’d love to get under 200 pounds, just to see that little “1” digit in front of the number on the bathroom scale.

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I'd still bend you over.

I fully support your desire to look nicer to yourself. And rack me up among those who think the belly is hawt. Even if I didn't like MINE when it was getting up to that size. ;-)

Let us put this in a little perspective. I weigh close to 400lbs.

*I* am fat, Sir.

You are a little pudgy in places, but overall I would not consider you fat.

Perhaps you need to go to the gym and tone up in places, but seriously... you are NOT fat.

You are hawt. Take the damn compliment. :P

actually you look WAY DAMN WOOF!!!!

Dorkier, but still cute. Accept the fact that some hairy gay guys like the way you look. :)

I thought you were hot when I met you, and I still do.....WOOF!

Like quirkstreet, I'm happy for you to exercise and get healthier, but add me to the list of guys who still think you're very hot as is.

The look is deer-in-the-headlights, but everything else I like. I like my men with some meat and the hole gives me a place to put my finger to fondle the belly(hair).

Swell. Now I'm going to have to go beat off in the men's room at work.

Just dropped enough weight to see the little '1' on the scale again a couple weeks ago and it's the running and good eating that's working for me. 11 pounds in 3 weeks.

All of you, wait till you meet Patrick in person … if you have never meet him, he is one HAWWTTTT Cub.. Seriously, and what makes him ever haawter .. is he has a GREAT personality, and well is just a nice guy , and his husband .. he’s a hawtie too, and really nice , and we so look forward to spending more time with both of them ...

as for you Patrick.. do we need to work on your self esteem.. don’t make us do the dreaded "i love myself( an not in that way, get you mind out the gutter )" tapes on Saturday ...

Why do all the slightly overweight guys say they are fat?


You're still woofy. Don't sell yourself short.

Remember my last comment? Repeat it.

Remember Dave's? Vouched and doubled.

Seriously, YOU ARE NOT FAT. You're adorable.

And the look is hot. I happen to like the "why the fuck is that camera pointed at me?" look you've got there.

I think you look very good. :)

Course, I admit, your crotch caught my attention first. ;) I didn't even see the hole until you mentioned it!

"Who cares about the belly? I want to know about the ass!" says the spanking top.

I still want one of you for my birthday. *wishes hard*

Looks hotter to me! WOOF!!!

You're a bear (or at least you align with bears) and you're not happy with a paunch?

Perhaps you should open up an old issue of Bear magazine and realize that the world sees you in a slightly different light than you apparently do.

dude you look better in this pic ^.^

STILL look HAWT to me bud!


I didn't read any of the coments, but I've seen both pics, and let me assure you - I think you're a woofer whatever way your gut is! :-)


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