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What I'm Listening To

Here is what I'm listening to at work. I have a government job where I can't bring an iPod into the secure military facility. So, I consider all the CDs I buy to be a legitimate business expense. We'll see if the IRS agrees on April 15. The way I see it, it's the only thing that keeps me sane all day.

Xiu Xiu “Fabulous Muscles”

This is the gayest song I own. Here are some of the lyrics:

Break my face in was the kindest touch you
Ever gave
Wrap my dreams around your thighs and
Drape my hopes upon the chance to touch your arm

Fabulous Muscles
Cremate me after you cum on my lips
Honey boy place my ashes in a vase beneath your workout bench

Kneeling down before now familiar flesh of your deformed penis
Wigging out before the unfamiliar flesh of my broken neck

I love music by really effeminate artists like Andy Bell of Erasure. It makes me feel so butch in comparison. I know lead singer Jamie Stewart is openly bisexual, that just makes him more like Morrissey.

Damian Rice “Rootless Tree”

Give the song time to go through the pretty and quiet acoustic verse, until it hits the angry “Fuck you! Fuck you!” chorus. This song made me think about the “Once” soundtrack… in a good way. I played this song over and over on my iPod while I was in Paris, and you know what? It made me feel really good.

Jim Noir “Key of C”

This song should make you laugh if you’re a piano player. Yeah, all those black notes on the keyboard are annoying when you are just starting out. I think every beginner has played a 1-3-5 triad up and down the keyboard. Of course, my response to this song is that I want to be in the key of A minor…

Battles “Atlas”

Prog rock is back! As if it had ever left. Maybe it just got harder and harder (see The Sword, The Mars Volta, Tool). But this is musical geek-wonkery of the best kind. They even play this song live – with almost all the musicians playing two instruments simultaneously, like the guitar and bass pedals, or the drums with one hand and a keyboard with the other.

Bob Mould "District Line"

I was pissed at Bob in 1998 when he recorded his CD "The Last Dog and Pony Show" and proclaimed that he would no longer play the excellent slashing electric guitar that I knew and loved. Instead, he was devoting his life to electronica. Or WWF wrestling. Or gay sex with bears. Or something. To me, it was the stupidest vow I had heard since Billy Joel announced he would only write bad classical music from then on. Both Billy and Bob have recanted, and all is forgiven. This paen to Washington D.C. is quickly becoming my favorite CD of the year so far.

Kevin Kling "Tornadoes and Lightning"

I bought Kevin's new book "The Dog Says How" for all my family and friends this Christmas. I think I confused my elderly aunt, but that's ok. I think Kevin should get a national grant, or some other huge amount of money... just because he is a fabulous storyteller.

Charles S. McVey "Sir"

Off his self-published CD "Modern Living", this song resonated with me. You've got to love lyrics like "You know I'm having fun when you won't let me cum" and "You know I'll be back for more/'Cause I'm my daddy's whore". Please buy this CD and support kinky gay musicians.


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