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Interpreting Colorado's Amendment 43

I believe that marriage in Colorado should be limited to one man and one woman.


For the *entire* state of  4 ½ million people.


Think of it… we could have a lottery. Two lucky people (or unlucky) could be chosen at random to represent the entire culture of religious monogamous breeders. We could watch them on television and see how well they do. I vote for Marilyn Musgrave, author of the hateful and homophobic republican federal gay marriage amendment. She could get hitched to Ted Haggert, the christian hypocrite currently undergoing "restoration". I think the two would be a match made in heaven, because with God all things are possible.


“I say, we will have no more marriages; those that are married already, all but one, shall live; the rest shall keep as they are.” Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act III Scene I

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Hahahaahahahaaa!!!!! OMG this was the funniest thing I've read in years. Why is it that, even though Jesus himself refused to advocate punishing adultery (forbidden in one of the ten commandments, punishable by death), do his fan club insist on defining every aspect of marriage for everyone else? I was raised Christian, am quite knowledgeable in the scriptures, and yet I am confused as hell on this point.

I think all couples who have gotten married and cannot have children should have their marriages annulled (and by this I mean physically incapable - in theory, two men who are fertile and are married could have children, and likewise for women...).

Yes, I'm being sarcastic - to make a point.

Yes, I know. Hard to believe.

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