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I fought the steer and the steer won
Black eye

First day of the Cowtown Rodeo didn't go so good for me. Not only did I fail to catch at roping, or last longer than 4 seconds steer riding, but I got stepped on during the chute dogging.

It was my own fault. The steer hesitated, and to get fast time, I pulled on him out of the chute, causing him to break into a run. I kept control, but instead of stopping past the white line, I tried to turn and dog even though I was out of control. I fell under him, and he stepped on my face.

Trust me, it will look a lot worse than this tomorrow.

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Still looks hot, man....I didn't know you were gonna be in TX this weekend. Hope you have a great time!

My pop still has a lot of wrist pain given from having a rope wound around his wrist too tight leading a steer back in the 70's.

Yeah, I had a "helicopter" once that felt like that.

(Note: if you have no idea what a helicopter is... I will be glad to show you sometime)

Other than the ones that I have to fly twice a month, I'm guessing it's a rodeo term? Maybe wiki will tell me.


Wikipedia doesn't tell me. =-)

Ah. Wikipedia needs an article.

I need four things: you tied up, your balls, your hard dick, and a long rope. Not wait, that's five things... your balls count as 2.

I wrap the rope around and around your dick and balls. Feels good, doesn't it? Then, I rip it off suddenly like pulling the starter on a lawnmower. It's fun to see the subs pleasure turn to shock as the blood quickly flows back into his parts. And then as he's screaming, once the rope is completely off, all pain stops. It's more fun to do this to someone who has never had it done to them before.

I've done the strap/string around the balls as that feels good, but always unwrap the boys carefully.

I'm being glib, of course. You don't pull hard enough to hurt the family jewels.

You remove the rope like a jumprope, spinning it around so it comes off without pulling hair or skin. The trick is the sensation on your dick, which has gone slightly numb from lack of blood. The rope coming off so fast will rock your world.

Edited at 2008-03-02 02:41 am (UTC)

Sounds interesting. How thick is the rope?

You're a HOT, HOT man. Why don't you live closer?

And why don't you come vist? :)

wish I could have been there to see it. I think we live vicariouhsly through each others lives. I cant believe we did not meet in Dallas,

(Deleted comment)
Nope... my muscles are just so sore - I wish I was dead! {grin}

Edited at 2008-03-02 01:08 pm (UTC)

Holy "Hoof n' Eye" Disease Batman! OUCH!

Damn that sucks. wished I would have known you were at the rodeo. We could've said Howdy

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