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Lights Out

i want to be blind


folded for 48 hours. Or hooded with a tight fitting leather hood. But the idea is that i won’t be able to see for at least two full days.

i’d come over to a nice Master’s house, and immediately strip naked. The hood goes on as the first thing. Ok, maybe the second thing after a long goodbye hug. But the hood/blindfold is locked on, and it stays on until the Master lets me go. 

Of course there would be the usual slave things: blowjobs, anal sex, whippings, and other service. Cleaning is a little hard with a blindfold on, but i bet He’d find a way to make me useful all weekend. i imagine that sleeping would be difficult too, particularly after i haven’t been able to see for a long time and the whole world becomes disorientating. If the Master was particularly sadistic, he could rearrange the furniture periodically! 

One Master i am very close to gives his boys a task when they arrive at his house. He tests their willingness to serve by putting them in a hood, sitting them in the middle of the floor, and making them sort a big pile of change into coin tubes only by touch. If the boy gets easily frustated and bored, it's a good guess that he wouldn't make a good slave. i'd love to do this someday... i would probably suck at it (too easily distracted and frustrated), but i love to serve. And if i try my hardest, that's what counts, right? 

i think “sensation play” is a bit overrated. There is one Master in Denver in particular that has his own brand of “touchy feely” new age sensation play. He ties up his boys, and then gives them gentle massages. Well, i want to reclaim sensation play for the edgeplayers. Nausea is a sensation. So is extreme fear. Who says it has to feel good?
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