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Question #3

Question #3

What was your hottest sexual encounter, or the most extreme?

The most extreme involved an electric blender. I don't want to talk about it.

The hottest was probably my first. Everything was so new and interesting. I had been fooling around with S&M with my next door neighbor in Boulder, Colorado. He would tie me up, and then I'd tie him up. The only problem is that he was a bottom, and I didn't realize that what he was really doing was trying to train me to be a top. It didn't work!

Instead, one day he took me to a dungeon party in Denver. He had me strip naked, then put a collar, blindfold, and handcuffs on me. He insisted that it was the only way to enter a dungeon for the first time. I certainly responded to it.

My friend wanted me to meet a local Master who would then take care of me for the evening. Unfortunately, his other slave was really jealous and threw a fit. The two of them went home for a punishment session, and I was left high and dry.

My friend then wanted me to meet "Big Mike", and led me (now clothed again, and not blindfolded) over to a really big guy, who was working over a boy tied to a leather table. I thought this man was the hottest bear I had ever seen: a big head full of blonde hair, a great "lion king" jaw, flashing grey eyes, and leather from head to toe. I shook his hand and said, "I hope you are Big Mike, because if you are Little Mike, then I am in *real* big trouble!"

I laughed, but Mike didn't get the joke. He was too distracted working over the boy on the table. So, I took my leave, and tried to find my friend again. He took pity on me, and he and another guy decided to tie me up with my back on a leather footstool, my body arched like a bow with my arms and legs in a hogtie under the stool. Even thought I was terrified, my dick stood straight up... I remember how exciting it was that nobody was touching my dick.

Now, I am a pretty hairy guy, and my friend's friend thinks all slaves should be shaved. So, he went and got a bucket, a razor, and some shaving cream. By then, Mike was done with his scene, and saw that they were going to shave me. Mike wasn't about to allow that! He took over the scene, and made the boys put away the razor and get some clothespins instead.

Mike put clothespins all over my body. It hurt, but what thrilled me most was the hungry touch of his hands on my body, and the look in his eyes that he really really liked me. After all the clothespins were on, Mike stood up again, and grabbed the end of a leather thong that was woven through the pins.

"Ready?" he asked me. I nodded. I would have done anything for the man. If you've never had a "zipper", you don't know what you're missing. I just know that with one big pull, the big lug ripped out my heart. And I gave it to him in pieces over the next few months of dating. But please note that I didn't go home with him that night after the dungeon play... I'm not a slut!

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