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Question #5
Question #5

What was your first "kink" experience?

I've been kinky ever since I could remember. To me, kissing a boy and giving him an enema were both equally transgressive activities. So... in for a penny, in for a pound. As long as I was going to hell, I might as well make the ride worthwhile. So I'm sorry I can't remember my first kink experience.

However, here's a story I love: when I was 23 (in 1992), I went to my first gay bar. It was a leather bar, and even newly out of the closet, I figured out that was what got me excited. I sat in my car for fifteen minutes outside the bar before I got the courage to enter the bar.

I bought a beer at the bar, not looking at anyone. Then, I found a place by the wall to lean against, and drank my beer way too fast from nervousness. Finally, I casually tried to look around the room at the hot leathermen. Luckily, standing at the bar next to me was a really amazing grey-haired older bear. He was drinking a Corona, just like I was. I took this as a sign.

"Hi, Sir!" I said... thinking it was a good place to start. "May i buy You another beer?"

He looked at me, and quietly said, "Sorry, I don't drink."

I looked at the beer in his hand. I thought he was being a dick, and I stammered, "Um, well, i mean... you're holding a... um."

He looked me in the eye, "It's not beer.

"It's piss."

I got so nervous that I turned around and left the bar right then. To this day, I wish I would have had the guts to say, "Hello Sir... can i *make* You another beer?"

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OMG that rules! You have to wonder: was he serious? Urine has a lot of ammonia, nitrogenous substances and toxins, one would think it would be difficult and dangerous to drink.

Yeah, the guy was a freak on a leash. Sometimes literally... on a leash.

I refer you to Chuck With Rimless Glasses. His heyday began around 1976. He wore a total yellow leather outfit, and would hang out at various South Of Market bar restrooms, with cup in hand.

He ran weekly display ads in Bay Area Reporter. If he had a good week, the ad would gush of his conquests.

Keep in mind that he did this for decades with numerous partners, without respect to the AIDS virus.

BAR columnist Mr. Marcus sez Chuck is still alive today, at the tender age of 83.

And he never contracted the disease.

From what I understand HIV concentrations in urine are usually too small to pose a threat of infection, but that's still ballsy as all hell of him to do. I mean, standing at a bathroom with a cup? Wow. And I want to see that leather outfit.

We all used to laugh at his "outfit," but you gotta give him credit for being a most unique person. He left quite a legacy.

As far as I know, he never received the piss directly from the source. He wasn't into giving head and/or polishing your weenie. You just peed in his cup and he gave you a big hug and thank-you afterward.

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