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Question #5
Question #5

What was your first "kink" experience?

I've been kinky ever since I could remember. To me, kissing a boy and giving him an enema were both equally transgressive activities. So... in for a penny, in for a pound. As long as I was going to hell, I might as well make the ride worthwhile. So I'm sorry I can't remember my first kink experience.

However, here's a story I love: when I was 23 (in 1992), I went to my first gay bar. It was a leather bar, and even newly out of the closet, I figured out that was what got me excited. I sat in my car for fifteen minutes outside the bar before I got the courage to enter the bar.

I bought a beer at the bar, not looking at anyone. Then, I found a place by the wall to lean against, and drank my beer way too fast from nervousness. Finally, I casually tried to look around the room at the hot leathermen. Luckily, standing at the bar next to me was a really amazing grey-haired older bear. He was drinking a Corona, just like I was. I took this as a sign.

"Hi, Sir!" I said... thinking it was a good place to start. "May i buy You another beer?"

He looked at me, and quietly said, "Sorry, I don't drink."

I looked at the beer in his hand. I thought he was being a dick, and I stammered, "Um, well, i mean... you're holding a... um."

He looked me in the eye, "It's not beer.

"It's piss."

I got so nervous that I turned around and left the bar right then. To this day, I wish I would have had the guts to say, "Hello Sir... can i *make* You another beer?"

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mmmm heheh - protocol would have me take my pants off right there? i could only interpret the fire in the stares as a sort of lynching party, like i was in the wrong part of town and a few bangers were thinking of stringing me up.

in retrospect, they might have been thinking exactly that, knowing what i wasn't sure of.

It's verboten to dress like that in a leather bar. Wearing just underwear would have been accepted, particularly if they were tighty whities.

Geez. I talk like I'm an expert. I suppose I've head enough "exposure" to have a good "grasp" about what I'm discussing, I suppose.

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