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Question #7

Question #7

What's your favorite thing to do while smoking a cigar?

May favorite thing about cigars is that they are not cigarettes. They are impossible to chain-smoke. I'm a nervous guy, and I tend to drink and eat far too quickly. With cigarettes, I look like a drag queen at the bar, wrist cocked, lighting one Marlboro off the other.

But with a cigar, I have to kick back. And I love to have a happy leather pup at my feet, kissing my boots. I love to be able to reach a hand down absent-mindedly and scratch him behind the ears.

I love all the ritual with cigar smoking. I like the boy to cut my cigar for me, then to light it while he is on his knees, his eyes looking up into mine. Then he can go back to kneeling and licking. Or, maybe I'd use him for a footstool and tell him not to wiggle so much.

But as the cigar burns down and the smoke starts to make me horny, then I get pretty frisky myself. I like to let the ash grow really long, until the suspense of when it's going to fall off. Then, I'd get my leather pup to sit up... his mouth open and ready to receive my ash. Then I'm a nice guy and I will pour a swig of beer into his mouth to wash it down. Or maybe a shot of whisky or... some other fluid.

I like to smear my ash all over his face too. I apologize... I'm pretty kinky. Since the leather pup is on the floor, I like it if he is dirty. Spill some beer on the floor and make him roll in it until he's sticky. It just makes it more fun to clean him up later. Singe some hair with the flame as it burns down. Make the boy chew on the extinguished butt - or put the cigar butt up the *boy's* butt.

Then finally, have the boy light me another cigar and the cycle can start again - but harder this time.
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