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..but you can call me Siddhartha
Sometimes, I get email where the spambots try to parse out my name so they can make me think they know me. “Congratulations, Mr. PKELLOGG, you are a winner!”

However, for some strange reason, for the past three weeks some spambot thinks that my name is “water”:

I could understand “Walter”, as if my first name was confused with another entry in some hateful spam database. But “water”?

Perhaps this is a way of the universe recognizing my newfound balance and center. For example, my partner and I are not currently fighting, and we may have found a resolution to the relationship problem we’ve been having for the past three years. I am the happiest I have been in months.

I also tried gay nude yoga for the first time. I attended a 4 hour intensive workshop where I learned all the positions and basics. Was it erotic? Well, it was electrifying to be naked in a room with 12 other men. And the philosophical side of myself thought about what certain words meant like “brotherhood” or “body” or “energy”.

But it’s like when I was wrestling in college: most of the time I was too busy thinking, “Ow, this guy is sitting on my head” to be aroused. Instead of a simple sexual exercise, it was hard work, and the nude part was just a nice feature, not the purpose of the class. I recommend Keith's class to any gay men in Denver who are interested... hit me up if you want to know more.

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gay nude yoga
The Pictures on the website look straight out of "A Chorus Line"

One, singular sensation

Every little step she takes!

I was actually thinking more along the lines of Swan Lake ...
*"Ducks" quickly! GROAN!!!!

I'm curious what the "arrangement" is that is bringing peace and balance to your relationship after so much angst?

I will be beaten on a regular basis

Hmmmmm. Novel solution if he gets into it. He gets to humiliate and punish you and you get to satisfy one of your kinks at the same time. I'll be curious to hear how this works out over time.

No, my partner won't be the one beating me. It's going to be someone else. My partner said it's ok. I hope it works out.

Do WE get to watch? *EG*

Hmmmm. Do you get to play at all besides the regular beatings? Will that be enough to satisfy you, do you think?

i don't know. i hope so.

Well, I suppose one step at a time. I hope things continue to work out for you.

It's good to hear that you and your partner are working on a solution. I'm glad you're at peace for now.

I'm glad to hear you're in a better place. :-)

I've been toying with the idea of trying yoga. Are you going to keep going?

Yoga was really interesting, but i wasn't really good at it. i'm not sure if i'll go again, but my partner wants to go without me.

It means you're supposed to come over here and take a shower with me and Rat. The 'bots have deemed it necessary to your survival.

Sure! Just as long as we can all git real dirty first!

Well, yeah...that's in the fine print.

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