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66.6%... the Percentage of the Beast
Last night's lesson:

1. Screaming with a dick in my mouth (PASS)
2. Giving a blowjob while crying (PARTIAL SUCK-CESS)
3. Knowing when to shut up and stop the mental "swirl" (FAIL)

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i hope you were punished appropriately

i am being given the silent treatment. Thats's a difficult punishment... to be ignored.

ouch - that hurts more than flesh wounds

WHat made you cry and scream?

My personal trainer was trying out all sorts of paddles and whips.

Nice. I miss having a boy I could paddle and whip!

Knowing when to shut up will come soon enough....It takes time.

i have a real hard time with this. Sometimes my brain goes into a manic hyper state where i say things that may or may not be true and that i may or may not believe. A friend dubbed it "The Swirl".

The worst part is that i don't know i'm doing in until much later. And then i'm full of regret.

Is this during the scene or something that happens after?

It doesn't have anything really do to with scenes... it's something that happens to me in real life. And up until last month, I had no idea I did it. But independently in February, three friends mentioned to me, "You know Patrick, sometimes when you answer a question you go to all extremes, picking hyperbole from both ends of the spectrum."

For example, how am I feeling right now? If I'm in a swirl, I answer something like this: "Great! No wait, I feel lousy since I hurt a friend of mine. But I'm ok... we'll patch things up later. So I'm fantastic! No wait... that really sucks. I'm an idiot. But really happy right now." Repeat ad infinitum.

Biploar? ADD? Manic? Just emotionally immature? I wonder how I can break myself of this habit. Maybe a lot of spanking would do the trick.

See, this will be good for you. SOmething to learn from.

I'm proud of you're performance on the first two.

What was the source of your screaming? We want specifics ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, it was pretty gooey down there.

It's always better when they cry.

I hope you improve with time, practice and further instruction, boy.

Keep us appraised of your progress.

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