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Open For Business

Last summer, my boyfriend and i were talking about open relationships and what we would want from one. i said that i wanted a close, intimate relationship with a single (really really kinky) person. My partner said that he just wanted fun and play and nothing serious.

Instead, when we started playing apart, the opposite happened. My partner found a person to develop a relationship with, while i had many small one-night-stand encounters. i wasn't satisfied with the casual sex, my partner wasn't happy with the string of guys coming into our dungeon every week, and his new boyfriend turned out to be a psycho.

This last month, things seemed to have flipped again. i found a man that wants try out a temporary Master/slave kind of relationship. And my parter just discovered and i want to get him set up on as well... he's such a hot bear, i wouldn't blame anyone for chasing after him.

That's one test of an open relationship i never expected: setting up a hot profile for your longtime partner. Of course, i know what *i* see in the big lug, but it's a little awkard finding the right words for him to reel in the boys so he can have lots of hot sex with other people. Ah, life in the new millenium. Hopefully this weekend, we can take some sexy photos of him in his leather, and then i bet the string of phone calls from prospective bottoms won't stop!

Please don't respond to this post until Friday night. i am supporting the LJ boycott.

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