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Spring Break!
 My partner and I are going to Seattle for four days from Wednesday March 26 until Sunday March 30. We will be driving around to see the tulips in bloom, hanging out on Broadway, glass blowing in Tacoma, visiting the farmer's market in Portland, shopping at Archie McPhee's, eating lots of seafood, and maybe taking in a Quake rugby game on Saturday.

If you want to meet us while we are there, please feel free to email me or call 303-594-9220 on my cell. I will buy you coffee and keep you dry from the rain.

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Way Too Many Suggestions

If you're in Portland on a Saturday or Sunday, check out the Portland Saturday Market, in the center of town underneath the West Burnside Bridge.

And look up Voodoo Doughnuts. They have some fantastic creations. And the occasional wedding.

I'm not a big fan of the Portland bar/club scene, but if you're into that while you're there, there's the Eagle near the intersection of Lombard & N Interstate Ave that's kinda the bear/leather scene, and about the only place in town that doesn't allow smoking indoors. I'm more partial to a relaxed venue called the Fox & Hounds, on NW 2nd and Davis, just blocks away from where the Saturday Market takes place.

The International Rose Test Garden is nice too, in Washington Park.

In Seattle, it's practically a tradition for me to go out to the Broadway Grill for either breakfast or dinner whenever I'm there.

Re: Way Too Many Suggestions

Thanks for all the tips! I'll take pictures and post them to Flickr. Wish I could fit you into my suitcase and take you along...

(Deleted comment)
Well, I'll have to hit Provincetown, then! I want to do the Leather weekend in September for sure.

Portland? Portland? On what day do you plan on being in Portland?

We will meet.

Hi! I am hoping to hit a bar or two Saturday night, and then see the farmer's market on Sunday morning before driving back up the the Seatac airport. My email is kellogg@dim.com and cell is 303-594-9220, if you feel like going out saturday night. Of course, our plans could all fall apart, too... so be warned!

Expectations create disappointment; I know better than to project any personal expectations.

Having said that, I would love to see you here in my town and buy you a drink.

Pretty sure you already have this info, but in case you don't:

bpdx at comcast dot net

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seven one six

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