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Here is a photo of me at the Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend last month. I didn't wear any leather... I decided to be a little different!


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You don't need any leather! HOT!

wwwoohhoo :) great pic...

(Deleted comment)
Us bikers call that "Home Made Leather."

Although I ran into a straight biker one day who grew up poor (like me) and called his "Cheap Leathers." If you get 'em greasy enough, you can ride all day in a rainstorm and not get wet.

(Deleted comment)
Not a single guy came up to talk to me. Not sure if I looked intimidating, or just stank too badly of used motor oil.

Okay...okay...DRD is bent over and waiting. WOOF.

How is it possible that you had sex twice last year?! As the song goes "come on a my house...and I'll give you candy." WOOF

From what i saw at MAL there were not a lot in gear anyway, so you stil managed to blend in :)

Thanks for the comment! But I don't get it... I didn't see a lot of guys in gear. Mostly leather. So, I'm not sure how I became invisible. But I had fun anyway.

best porn I've seen in a long time.

hawt! über greasemonkey!

What insignia was on the cap?

Just an old Sterling Martin #40 NASCAR cap

You look totally hot! I don't usually go for guys, but if I had a guy type you'd be it.

Great pic... the smile does it.

I have eye-bolts in the ceiling of my shower just for guys like you... See... What I like to do is... Oh.. Just c'mere, I'll show you


VERY nice.

Ah there *are* no other guys like me! Get me tied up in yer shower and you'll find THAT out {grin}

Woof! I like that better than the leather.

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