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Something is Wrong With Me
Is it so wrong that the whole time i was on vacation, i really wished i was at home playing the new 4.2 content in World of Warcraft 4.2?

i am a different person that i was ten years ago. i'm no longer enthralled by shopping, gay boutiques and trendy accessories. While i still love art, i'm tired of the commercialism and hedonism of traveling. i never thought i would be so jaded as to think, "Paris again? i'm so *tired* of that place!" But you can only have a first impression once. And the excitement i once felt at seeing New Orleans or New York City has faded into a fake cosmopolitanism. i think i'm in the mood for some real experience rather than tourism. i think i could find that in my own backyard.

That is, if i can pry myself away from the computer keyboard. i still need 500 gold for a flying mount (note: Lightbringer server, main toon: Haleon for the Alliance).

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If I go to the Isle of Quel’Danas, does that count as a vacation?

With how crowded it is? No. It's more like going to the mall.

I love traveling but only if I get to do new things. You're right though, there is so much exploring you can do at home it almost seems wasteful to spend the money and time going someplace else.

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