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Something is Wrong With Me
Is it so wrong that the whole time i was on vacation, i really wished i was at home playing the new 4.2 content in World of Warcraft 4.2?

i am a different person that i was ten years ago. i'm no longer enthralled by shopping, gay boutiques and trendy accessories. While i still love art, i'm tired of the commercialism and hedonism of traveling. i never thought i would be so jaded as to think, "Paris again? i'm so *tired* of that place!" But you can only have a first impression once. And the excitement i once felt at seeing New Orleans or New York City has faded into a fake cosmopolitanism. i think i'm in the mood for some real experience rather than tourism. i think i could find that in my own backyard.

That is, if i can pry myself away from the computer keyboard. i still need 500 gold for a flying mount (note: Lightbringer server, main toon: Haleon for the Alliance).

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If I go to the Isle of Quel’Danas, does that count as a vacation?

With how crowded it is? No. It's more like going to the mall.

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