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i was in staying in Portland this weekend, just a few miles from kinkfest.org. However, i didn't pre-register, so i couldn't go. i couldn't even buy a day pass to go shopping. But my partner doesn't really play that way, so it would have been hard to go and have fun anyway. However, we made our own kinkfest in our hotel room with brianpdx, and it was a lot more fun than hanging around a dungeon party and hoping someone will talk to me and want to play. And waiting and waiting. Or at least that's what i tell myself.

i couldn't believe my friend lvlndlthr when he said he enjoyed a recent trip to Portland more than Seattle. But he's right. While Seattle has a lot of amazing things (Pike Market, the incredible UMX museum, art, music, shopping food), Portland is just more manageable. i had a more non-tourist experience there, and loved the fun of eating with friends (Voodoo Doughnuts, Flying Pie, Jake's Crawfish, Tully's... mmmm).

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i know! i was tempted to call You up and see if You could sneak me in... stuffed in a suitcase or bodybag or something {grin}

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