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Northwest Flickr

Pics of my partner and my recent trip to Seattle and Portland are available on Flickr at:


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well poopie ...i dont have a flickr account...

so how was the trip .. did you LOVE portland...( we so did ) ... seattle did nothing for us..

Seattle did plenty for me! The food, museums, walking, art. But yeah, we didn't go to a gay bar the whole time we were there, and none of my Seattle friends were free. Oregon was a lot more fun, but I have a feeling that if I lived there, Portland would feel like the "little brother" and all the fun stuff would be happening in Seattle. Kind of like Denver vs. Boulder (or Denver vs. Fort Collins).

Hope you are doing good. I'm out the weekend, but I'm hoping you have more free time in April to get together now that the house is quieter. Have a great April, and I want to come up sometime.

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