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Boxes, Part 1
My old college roommate Ros is a great guy. He is also insane. This week, he sent me 21 mystery boxes, but didn't tell me what was inside them.
I asked what I was supposed to do with them, and he suggested I build a fort. So, that's what I did. His girlfriend Diva drew on all the boxes. Lending to the surreality. 

Inside the boxes were over 126 board games! These were ones that Ros didn't want any more. I love board games, and there were many in the collection that I intended on buying: 

  • Java
  • Tikal
  • Blue Moon City
  • Several versions of Ticket To Ride
  • Arkham Horror (and expansions!)
  • Citadels
  • World of Warcraft: the Board Game
  • Tsuro
  • Inka
  • Game of Thrones (and expansions)
  • More Catan than I know what to do with
  • And many many many many more
Here are some photos of the my kitchen filled with board games. 


Does anybody want to come over and play? {grin} 

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I wanna play Buccaneer. But not the board game version. ;-{)>

Who knew there was a Game of Thrones board game?

Ros and Diva sound like my friends from Berkeley, Malcolm and Kattt [sic]. For a while, they lived in a storefront on the border with Oakland. It was always an unpredictable experience visiting them (in part because Kattt was, well, insane, but in a lovable way). They’re no longer a couple, and Malcolm eventually moved to North Carolina and got married (eventually becoming the inventor of Oggz.) No idea whatever became of Kattt.


I recognize a LOT of those titles, having dated a serious board gamer for three years. Many of them I even enjoyed myself. :)

I love me some Catan.

My favorite board game for a while has been Power Grid.

Power Grid is fun! It's like a version of Monopoly that actually works.

Ooo.. Tsuro! I have that one. I love board/card games. I'd love to come play someday!

Tsuro is absolutely beautiful. I have a weakness for pretty tile-based games like Kaliko, The Amazing Labyrinth, or Streetcar. Don't know why... I love to lay things next to other things over and over again. Maybe I should get a job doing that somehow.

I have some friends who are SERIOUS board gamers. Like, gaming parties and stuff. I've played some of these. What's really funny is that their 7 year old has been playing some games that are for people who are much older. He gets it, and he often wins, and not because the adults let him. He's as cut-throat as his parents at this stuff.

Have fun, darlin'.

The 7 year old will probably grow up to be a very very strange boy. And he will probably join the LiveJournal community eventually with the rest of us! {grin}

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I have lots of other fun games... and lots of other toys!

If only there was a vintage Mystery Date in there somewhere! Or Rock-em Sock-em Robots. I'd take either one. ;{P}

Off topic, you are sweet as pie, as well as a good friend. You know why.

I'm just jealous because of the Ticket to Ride games that you got. I freaking love that game.

I had no idea there were that many board games. I updated a Monopoly™ game to include a Chance Card that sez: "You've been caught having sex. Politicians can murder people, hoard money, and make secret back-room deals, but may never have sex. Go directly to jail."

The people that play a lot of board games *really* look down on Monopoly. One friend says that it's the evil devil spawn of board games: boring, repetitive, and it ruins the whole hobby for everyone else.

Holy crap! Cool.

Want a hybrid game that will last weeks and amuse you the one and only time you try to play it?

Get out Risk.
Get out Flying Buffalo's amusing mini-game "Nuclear War".

Combine them in any way you see fit. Risk no longer works like Risk. Hilarity ensues, but a game can take DAYS to resolve, so the people I know who have tried it have only done it once.

Oh man, every time I tried to play "Nuclear War", it alwasy blew up. No, seriously... the game dyanmics never worked out right.

{wargames}How about a nice game of chess?{/wargames}

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