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For Closure
I looked my house up on Zillow. It's nice to know that even in this tough market that my house has increased its value over 100 times, to over $73 million.

I think what increased the resale value are the 45 bathrooms. Yeah, it was really smart for me to install all of those. In a 1,320 square foot house? I know that I've been known to piss just about anywhere (the sink, my bed, willing partners...) but that's a little ridiculous. I'm not *that* much of a bathroom freak.

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I just looked that up and I think they already fixed that glitch, it says 5 bath now.

Yeah, I fixed it myself. It still has that high price, tho

and how many of those bathrooms have a rubber floor ... and well you are THAT much of a FREAK

It's the bathrooms with chains and hooks in the wall that you have to worry about!

Hence why i don't put a lot of weight in zillow. I see youve done some work your now up to 5,200 sq feet. See what happens when you remove 68 bathrooms?

Small world! I know a dyke who lives three blocks from you! :)

45 bathrooms in under 1500 sq ft, water sports anyone ;-P Just think of all that home equity you could pull out to go on a huge gear binge :)

Zillow isn't terribly good.

They listed my house as my neighbors' house actually, and said it is worth far more than it really is.

I suspect they are using the old numbers from before the decline in prices started...

Clearly, it's time to sell.

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