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Keith was the sole inhabitant
Where Was I? Batesfordshire - that's a lousy place.... 8:45 and you go out
and it's utterly flat. I can't see any enthusiasm for that kind of thing at
all. My idea when we started out was to have a-you know-a rising up, a sort
of an undulating, ovulating ground, which you don't get so much nowadays.
Everything tends to be sort of piecemeal and staggered, which I don't think
is very exciting, do you? Ah, hmm, you're not there, either.

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I climbed through a crack in the sky.

And it screamed like this: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The Flat Earth... still a favorite album of mine. Got to see Mr. Dolby about a year ago in a solo show (with racks of technology). Wonderful.

Yeah, Thomas Dolby means a lot to me. "The Flat Earth" was one of the first CDs I ever bought, and I'd listen it on headphones with the lights turns off. The sonic clarity and creative textures still amaze me. "The Golden Age of Wireless" has better songs, IMHO. Is there anything similar I should listen to?

I've come to re-appreciate The Golden Age of Wireless again recently. Cloudburst at Shingle Street gets lodged in my brain still! As for something "similar" to Thomas Dolby.. Hmmm... not sure if you would find these a good match but, along the line of "primarily-electronic-synth-pop with good melodies and good song writing" I think of The Blue Nile, Zero 7, and Air as some other favorites of mine.

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