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I am going to Cleveland Leather Awareness Week (CLAW) next weekend, April 24-27. if you see me hanging around the event (or the Embassy Suites secondary host hotel) in my dirty carhartts... please come up to me and say "hello".

I've been to several events in the last two years: MAL, SmokeOut, IceBearg... but I never seem to meet anyone or get laid. Or if I *do* manage to hook up, it's with someone from Denver that lives only a few miles away and we could get together any time. So, I'm trying to break the curse this month!

I love leather weekends away. But the problem is that I get to caught up in the *event*. I go to the contests, I shop at the vendors, I hit the town playing tourist and see the sights, dress up in my most extreme butch drag, go out to dinner, and crash back at the hotel room exhausted. My partner is coming along, which isn't a problem (he loves threesomes, or he will let me play alone). But it's hard to go "hunting" and spend the time needed to chat a guy up, get him familiar with me, and go in for the kill with an overt proposition. Most of the time, I think "fuck it... I'd rather go cuddle with my boyfriend"!

The claw in the photo is actually a corsage holder that my boyfriend "pervertized". I haven't gotten to use it yet, but I'm bringing it along for the weekend, just in case {grin}.
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